Brunnera Steven

Brunnera is a genus of three species, native to the eastern Mediterranean area and W Siberia. One species, Brunnera macrophylla, is widely cultivated in gardens as an ornamental.
Molecular data show that Brunnera is monophyletic (Hilger & al. 2004).


Guşuleac M. (1928) Die monotypischen und artenarmen Gattungen der Anchuseae (Caryolopha, Brunnera, Hormuzakia, Gastrocotyle, Phyllocara, Trachystemon, Procopiania und Borago). Buletinul Facultalai Stiinte Cernãuti 2: 394-461.

Hilger H.H., Selvi F., Papini A. & Bigazzi M. (2004) Molecular systematics of Boraginaceae tribe Boragineae based on ITS1 and trnL sequences, with special reference to Anchusa s.l. Ann. Bot. 94(2): 201-212. [available online at:]

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