Buxaceae only counts one native species, Buxus sempervirens L. It is commonly found on thermophilous rocks in the valley of river Meuse (Lambinon & Verloove 2012). It is furthermore widely cultivated as an ornamental and is increasingly seen as an escape or as a relic of cultivation outside its natural distribution range (for instance a young specimen on a coal mining spoil heap in Genk, Klaverberg in 2010). However, since several species of Buxus are cultivated as ornamentals in Belgium, the identity of such plants should be critically assessed. A second genus from the Buxaceae family, Pachysandra, is widely cultivated for ornament and is often recorded as an escape from cultivation, also in Belgium.

A useful overview of the Buxaceae family in Belgium is provided by De Langhe (2013-2014). See also De Koning & al. (2000) and Roloff & Bärtels (2006).

1       Prostrate, creeping herbaceous plant. Leaves toothed, more or less alternate (or spirally arranged at the end) === Pachysandra

         Erect shrub. Leaves entire, opposite (native) === Buxus


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