Chaerophyllum bulbosum

Chaerophyllum bulbosum L. (C and E-Eur., SW-As.) – A very rare and probably ephemeral alien. First recorded in Vorst in 1873, later also between Melle and Laarne in 1924 in a damp grassland (escape from cultivation). Furthermore observed in the garden of J. Duvigneaud in Marchienne-au-Pont in 1987, apparently introduced unintentionally. More recently seen in Moerbeke (Heidebos) on waste land near a former local airport in 1997 (several tens but only one left in 1998 and now probably gone). In 2015 two individuals were observed on a talus slope near a grain mill in Moen. A claim from Wijgmaal in 1991 (Florabank) requires confirmation.

The very similar Chaerophyllum prescottii DC. (cf. Hämet-Ahti 1967, Fröberg 2010) might have been confused with C. bulbosum.


Selected literature:

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