Commelina L.

Commelina is a rather large genus of ca. 170 species. It is nearly cosmopolitan (except cold regions) but chiefly occurs in the tropics. None is native in Belgium. Some species are economically important, either as ornamentals or as noxious weeds of agricultural fields.

Species of Commelina are often very reluctant to flower in western Europe. In the absence of flowers identification is impossible.

1. Spathe margins free to base. Lower petal blue or white. Capsule 2- or 3-locular. Plant annual or perennial === 2

1. Spathe margins connate basally. Lower petal blue. Capsule always 3-locular. Plant always perennial === 4. Commelina obliqua

2. Plant usually erect, tall. Roots tuberous. Leaf sheaths and spathe distinctly hairy. Flowers showy, ca. 20 mm across, petals concolourous (all blue, exceptionally all white), all equally large === 1. C. coelestis

2. Plant prostrate, rooting at the nodes. Roots never tuberous. Leaf sheaths and spathe usually glabrous. Flowers smaller, petals concolorous or not, the lower petal always distinctly smaller === 3

3. Lower petal blue. Capsule 3-locular. Plant often slender === 3. C. diffusa

3. Lower petal white. Capsule 2-locular. Plant often more robust === 2. C. communis



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