Cyrtomium fortunei

Cyrtomium fortunei J. Smith (syn.: Polystichum fortunei Nakai) (temp. Asia) – A rare escape from cultivation but increasingly found since 2001, predominantly in urban areas, especially in some larger cities in Flanders (Antwerpen, Gent). Plants are usually found on old walls (often quays), basement walls, in sewers, against rain pipes,… In 2011 it was furthermore observed, apparently for the first time, terrestrial in woodland in Moen (Orveytbos), on the verge of the canal Kortrijk-Bossuit. Cyrtomium fortunei appears to be very persistent and hardy but is not yet really naturalised so far. However, in 2007 a remarkable concentration of plants was found on several basement walls in Deurne-Noord (Antwerpen).

Plants with less and wider pinnae have been ascribed with some doubt to Cyrtomium cf. macrophyllum (Makino) Tagawa (Edgington 2005). At least the Belgian plants revealed to be juvenile plants of Cyrtomium fortunei and this possibly also holds true for very similar plants from London (Edgington 2005, 2006).

Herbarium specimen

Cyrtomium fortunei leaflet

Cyrtomium fortunei, Antwerpen, old wall, 2005. Erik Molenaar
Cyrtomium fortunei, Antwerpen, old wall, 2005. Erik Molenaar  


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