Dactyloctenium Willd.

Dactyloctenium is a genus with 14 species, all native in pan (sub-) tropical regions of the world (Nightingale & Weiller 2005). Several species are weedy and have been recorded outside their native range, for instance in North America (Hatch 2003). Spikelets of species of Dactyloctenium have curved awns and easily adhere to cloths, fur, etc. As a result, at least two species (D. aegyptium and especially D. radulans) were among the species formerly found as wool aliens in many European countries, also in Belgium (e.g. Issler 1934, Hylmö 1947, Fasseaux 1951, Lange & al. 1954, Ryves & al. 1996, etc.).
The affinities of Dactyloctenium are still uncertain. Morphologically it shows some resemblance with Eleusine Gaertn. and both belong in tribe Cynodonteae Dumort. However, its exact placement remains obscure (Peterson & al. 2012, Peterson & al. 2015, Soreng & al. 2015).

Additional alien: Dactyloctenium radulans (R. Brown) Beauv. (Aus., wool alien),


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