Dichanthelium (Hitchc. et Chase) Gould
(syn: Panicum subgenus Dichanthelium Hitchc. et Chase)

Dichanthelium is a New World genus of ca. 60 species, essentially native in North America but furthermore represented in Central and South America. None is native in Belgium.

Members of Dichanthelium – formerly included as a subgenus in Panicum – are characterized by their perennial habit, basal leaves usually distinctly different from those of the culm, forming a winter rosette. Furthermore by spikelets of the primary panicle not perfecting seed and small secondary panicles with cleistogamous, fruitful spikelets. Gould (1974) was the first to raise Dichanthelium to generic level and molecular studies support exclusion of Dichanthelium from Panicum (Aliscioni & al. 2003).

A single species, Dichanthelium clandestinum, has been recorded as an alien in Belgium.


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