Echium L.

Echium is a genus of ca. 60 species. It is by far most divers in Macaronesia and further occurs in the Mediterranean area, West-Asia and South-Africa. Only one species, Echium vulgare L., is native in Belgium. Several species are cultivated as ornamentals in Europe (Cox 2000) but most are frost-sensitive.

Native Echium vulgare is a very variable species. Plants with aberrant colour and size of the corollas, a different indumentum,… could represent non-native forms or even other, related species (e.g. Echium rosulatum Lange as per Stace 2010).

1       Corolla only hairy on veins and margins (outside), ca. 18-30 mm across. Usually only two stamens exserted. Basal leaves ovate === Echium plantagineum

         Corolla uniformly hairy, ca. 10-20 mm across. Usually 4-5 stamens exserted. Basal leaves lanceolate (native) === E. vulgare


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