Echium plantagineum

Echium plantagineum L. (syn.: E. maritimum Willd.) – A rare and always ephemeral alien. First recorded on waste land in Liège in 1906. Furthermore collected in Vierset-Barse in 1937 (see Lambinon 1995 for an overview of early records). In 1999 and 2000 observed near a grain mill in Willebroek and in abundance in a worked-up (newly sown?) road verge of N49 motorway in Balgerhoeke (Eeklo) in 2001. In the past years (2011, 2013 and 2014) also seen near grain storages in the Antwerp and Ghent port areas and in Grobbendonk.

Recent records of Echium plantagineum are apparently associated with at least two different vectors of introduction in Belgium (as grain aliens and as escapes from cultivation).

Echium plantagineum is an undesirable weed in many warm-temperate areas in the world, for instance in parts of Australia and southern Africa (see references).

Echium plantagineum, Antwerp, port area (Kanaaldok), rough ground, August 2011, R. Barendse Echium plantagineum, Grobbendonk, canal bank, July 2013, R. Barendse
Echium plantagineum, Grobbendonk, canal bank, July 2013, R. Barendse Echium plantagineum, Grobbendonk, canal bank, July 2013, R. Barendse

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