Elaeagnus multiflora

Elaeagnus multiflora Thunb. var. hortensis (Maxim.) Servettaz (Japan) – An exceptional escape from cultivation. Discovered in 2005 on an old brick wall at railway station Schijnpoort in Antwerpen, probably birdsown. Persistent for some time but apparently removed after infrastructural works.

Elaeagnus multiflora has been widely confused in Belgium with the much more common E. umbellata. Only one record could be confirmed; it belongs with var. hortensis and is readily distinguished from Elaeagnus umbellata, even in the absence of flowers and fruits (see key). It is furthermore separated from var. multiflora in having leaves with loose stellate hairs on the upper surface of young leaves instead of loose white scales.

Selected literature:

Adolphi K. & Terlutter H. (2015) Ein Vorkommen der Reichblütigen Ölweide (Elaeagnus multiflora THUNBG.) in Recke (Kreis Steinfurt, Nordrhein-Westfalen). Natur und Heimat 75(1): 4 p.


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