Elodea Michaux

Elodea is a small genus of probably 15 species but species delimitation is still controversial. All species are native in the New World. Some have become noxious environmental weeds outside their native distribution range.

Former Belgian records of Elodea callitrichoides (Rich.) Caspary (syn.: E. ernstiae St John) turned out to be in error for E. nuttallii (as shown by molecular and morphometric studies; see Vanderpoorten & al. 2000). Some rare forms of the latter with spreading leaves (not recurved) much resemble Elodea callitrichoides. Elodea nuttallii is distinguished by smaller sepals (1,6-2,5 mm vs. 3,1-4,3 mm but flowers are probably never produced in Elodea callitrichoides in western Europe!). Moreover, the adventitious root-tips are whitish to greyish-green (vs. reddish in Elodea callitrichoides). The latter has been confirmed from several European countries and its presence in Belgium cannot be excluded.

A putative hybrid between Elodea canadensis and E. nuttallii has been recorded in the British Isles (Wurzell 1992). It must have been introduced as such, since hybridisation is not possible in Europe.

  • Leaves usually more than 1,8 mm wide at middle (0,8-2,3 mm wide 0,5 mm behind apex), obtuse to subacute at apex, spreading (not strongly recurved) === 1. Elodea canadensis
  • Leaves usually less than 1,7 mm wide at middle (0,2-0,8 mm wide 0,5 mm behind apex), acute to acuminate at apex, usually strongly recurved (more rarely spreading) === 2. E. nuttallii



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