Eriochloa Kunth

Eriochloa is a relatively small genus with ca. 30 species that are mostly found in the tropics and subtropics (Shouliang & Phillips 2006). Several species are weedy and now occur outside their native distribution range, also in warm-temperate or even colder regions (for instance in Canada; Simard & al. 2015). Several species formerly were reputed wool aliens, also in Belgium (see overview below; also Ryves & al. 1996). An additional species, E. villosa, was recorded in recent times.
Most species of Eriochloa are very characteristic in having a peculiar bead-like swelling just below the spikelet. The genus otherwise closely looks like other panicoid genera like Urochloa (incl. Brachiaria) and, to a much lesser extent, Paspalum. Species of Eriochloa and Urochloa were shown to share molecular synapomorphies and belong to the same monophyletic groups (Torres González & Morton 2005). Eriochloa, in its current circumscription, is polyphyletic according to Salariato & al. (2010).

Additional aliens: Eriochloa australiensis Stapf ex Thell. (Aus., wool alien), E. cf. crebra S.T. Blake (Aus., wool alien), E. procera (Retz.) C.E. Hubbard (syn.: E. ramosa (Retz.) Kuntze) (trop. As., wool alien) and E. pseudoacrotricha (Stapf ex Thell.) J.M. Black (Aus., wool alien).


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