Euphorbia maculata

Euphorbia maculata L. (syn.: E. supina Rafin., Chamaesyce maculata (L.) Small) (N-Am.) – A rare but increasingly naturalized alien. Formerly (prior to 1950) recorded as a weed in the botanical garden of Liège (see also Galera & Sudnik-Wójcikowska 2010) and elsewhere in or near plant nurseries. Known since 1994 from various locations in urban and suburban habitats: disused railway yards, cemeteries, cracks in pavement or parking places. Sometimes merely ephemeral but well-naturalized in climatologically favourable places, for instance on bare, gravelly soil in cemeteries. Verloove (2002) provides an overview of Belgian records that was updated by Verloove (2006). Additional, more recent records are available from numerous widely scattered localities: Châtillon, Ecaussinnes, Roeselare, Saint-Léger, Stockem, Veurne, Wevelgem, etc. (see also: Euphorbia maculata is also one of the commoner introductions in containers with imported olive trees in plant nurseries (Hoste & al. 2009).

Increasingly found in similar places in neighbouring countries and likely to become more widespread in a near future.

Euphorbia serpyllifolia Pers. (syn.: Chamaesyce serpyllifolia (Pers.) Small) is much reminiscent of E. maculata (prostrate habit, leaves blotched, etc.) but has glabrous capsules. It has been recorded in Switzerland (Röthlisberger 2007) and might pass unrecorded in Belgium as well.

Selected literature:

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