Literature: Baillon (1874), Radcliffe-Smith (2001).

Phyllanthoid Euphorbiaceae are currently excluded from Euphorbiaceae, following recent molecular phylogenetic research (APGIII 2009). They are accommodated in a family of their own (Phyllanthaceae). Phylogenetic research furthermore supports the inclusion of Chamaesyce Gray (and Poinsettia J. Graham) in a broadly circumscribed genus Euphorbia (Zimmermann & al. 2010).

An overview of current research on Euphorbiaceae is available here:

1       Leaves alternate, palmately lobed. Milky latex absent === 2

         Leaves opposite or alternate, entire or serrate but never lobed. Milky latex present or absent === 3

2       Milky latex absent. Glands subtending each inflorescence bract 2. Stamens very numerous, up to 1000 === Ricinus

         Milky latex present. Glands subtending each inflorescence bract absent. Stamens 10 === Manihot

3       Capsule 2-loculate. Milky latex absent. Leaves opposite. Plant usually dioecious (native) === Mercurialis

         Capsule 3-loculate. Milky latex present. Leaves alternate or opposite. Plant monoecious === Euphorbia (incl. Chamaesyce and Poinsettia)

Additional aliens: Three species of Acalypha L. have recently been recorded as greenhouse weeds and/or as ephemeral introductions associated with container plants (Verloove 2006, Hoste & al. 2009): A. australis L., A. indica L. and A. virginica L.  Thus far, none of these species was seen “in the wild” in Belgium but their occurrence in a near future is not unlikely.


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