Gaudinia fragilis

Gaudinia fragilis (L.) Beauv. (syn.: Avena fragilis L.) (S-Eur., W-As., N-Afr., Macaronesia) – A very rare and casual alien of obscure origin. It was apparently last recorded in 1953 on a dump in Mechelen and was seen before in various places (Antwerpen, Arlon, Ath, Drogenbos, Landelies, Lobbes, Montigny-le-Tilleul, Ruisbroek) (Druet & Duvigneaud 1951). Gaudinia fragilis was found in man-made to more or less (semi-) natural habitats, e.g. sandpits, railway tracks, wastelands or wood-margins. It was perhaps sometimes temporarily persisting in some of these places.

Gaudinia fragilis is native in parts of northern France, relatively close to the Belgian borders (see Tela-Botanica at: In 2014 it was re-discovered in Belgium in a meadow in Houyet (nature reserve Pré de Happe Tortia) in the Famenne, close to the French borders. At present (2017) a small population with ca. 100 plants seems to persist well. The origin of this population is unknown. It is tempting to think of a natural range expansion. However, the reserve was created (few years before, in 2007) and the species may have been introduced accidentally on this occasion. According to Tison & de Foucault (2014) populations of Gaudinia fragilis in northern France are probably naturalized, not native. The species was said to be in expansion, especially in northeastern France. See also Levy (2014). Similar uncertainties about its status exist for instance in the British Isles (e.g. Leach & Pearman 1997, Leach & Pearman 2003). Gaudinia fragilis is an annual species and often rather ephemeral. It is uncertain whether or not it will be able to naturalize and spread from this single Belgian locality.

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