Gladiolus L.

Gladiolus is a large genus with ca. 260 species in the Old World. It is most diverse in South Africa, especially in the Cape where 105 species occur, 86 of which endemic (Mabberley 2008). The genus is very popular in horticulture (see Yeo 1986 for a useful account of the genus in cultivation in Europe; also: Jäger & al. 2008). Many of these cultivated large-flowered plants are complex hybrids involving four or up to seven species (Jäger & al. l.c.). Despite being frequently cultivated, also in Belgium, they are rarely seen in the wild. A few species of Gladiolus are agricultural weeds, e.g. G. italicus Mill.

Two species of Gladiolus have been recorded in Belgium, both are probably ephemerals.

1       Flowers 6-15 cm wide, variously colored (yellow, orange, purplish, etc.), lobes much overlapping. Inflorescence dense, multi-flowered === Gladiolus xhortulanus

         Flowers at most 2 cm wide, pink, lobes scarcely overlapping. Inflorescence lax, few-flowered === G. italicus


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