Glandularia J.F. Gmel.

Glandularia is a genus of ca. 50-100 species, centered in South America, Mexico and the southwestern United States. Some species are grown for ornament (incl. “garden verbena”) two of which have been recorded as ephemeral escapes in Belgium. According to Wann (2000) at least five further species of Glandularia are cultivated as ornamentals in Europe.

The generic status of Glandularia is increasingly accepted (Sanders 2001, O’Leary & al. 2007, Mabberley 2008). In addition to morphological features Glandularia and Verbena are also cytologically distinct (Schnack & Covas 1944).

1. Corolla tube ca. twice as long as calyx. Leaves undivided, coarsely serrate at margin. Flowers ca. 15-25 mm across === Glandularia xhybrida

1. Corolla tube slightly longer than to ca. twice as long as calyx. Leaves bipinnatifid. Flowers ca. 10 mm across === G. aristigera


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