Glebionis Cass.

(syn.: Xanthophthalmum Schultz-Bip.)

Glebionis, a segregate of Chrysanthemum L., is a small genus of two species, originally native to the Mediterranean region and western Asia. Both species are weeds of arable land and have spread far beyond their native range. They are sometimes cultivated as ornamentals as well. Glebionis segetum (L.) Fourr. (syn.: Chrysanthemum segetum L., Xanthophthalmum segetum (L.) Schultz-Bip.) is usually claimed as native in Belgium but it is in fact, at most, an archaeophyte.

Glebionis segetum is increasingly sown in wild flower seed mixtures. Some races are very aberrant: leaves deeply pinnatisect, heads up to 50 mm across, plants up to 100 cm tall, etc. In general appearance they perfectly match with Glebionis coronaria (var. coronaria, with entirely yellow ligules) but all achenes are unwinged and eglandular (Lambinon & al. 2006).

1       Achenes with sessile glands, those of the ligular florets winged. Ligules white with a yellow base or yellow. Upper leaves 2- to 3-pinnatisect === Glebionis coronaria

         Achenes eglandular, those of the ligular florets not winged. Ligules yellow. Upper leaves usually nearly entire to coarsely dentate (rarely pinnatisect in cultivars) (native) === G. segetum


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