Guizotia is an African genus of at least six species (probably more according to recent phylogenetic research; see Geleta & al. 2010). One species, Guizotia abyssinica, is more or less widely cultivated as an oilseed crop, especially in the (sub-) tropics. However, experimental fields are also found in Belgium. Its seed (Niger seed) also is a major component in commercial birdseed mixtures.

Two species have been recorded in the wild in Belgium. They are distinguished in the following couplet:

1. Plant glabrous or more rarely pilose, never glandular. Achenes 3-6 mm long. Receptacular paleae 5 veined, with sessile glands === Guizotia abyssinica

1. Plant always hairy, often glandular. Achenes 2-2,5 mm long. Receptacular paleae 3-veined, glandular hairy === G. scabra subsp. schimperi


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