Hypericum x hidcoteense

Hypericum ×hidcoteense Hilling ex Geerinck (= H. calycinum × H. ×cyathiflorum N. Robson) (Cult.) – A very rare alien, probably always a throw-out or relic of cultivation. Since 2011 sometimes recorded, at first in Schepdaal (Dilbeek), later also in Lommel (2014) and Kortrijk (2015).

Hypericum ×hidcoteense persists very easily and for quite some time. However, it is completely sterile (Robson 1985) and unlikely to spread.

This hybrid is mass-planted in western Europe (Stace 2010, Lambinon & Verloove 2012, Robson 2012). According to Geerinck (2001) it now is one of the commonest taxa of the genus in cultivation although there are but few records of it in the wild (see e.g. Fröberg 2010).

Selected literature:

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