Hypericum x moserianum

Hypericum ×moserianum André (= H. calycinum L. × H. patulum Thunb. ex Murray) (Cult.) – An exceptional and probably ephemeral escape from or – more likely – relic of cultivation. Discovered in 2015 on a demolition site by the Albertcanal in Laakdal, along with numerous other garden plants. A plant discovered in Couthuin in 2013 probably also belongs to this hybrid.

Hypericum ×moserianum is similar to H. ×hidcotense and also frequently cultivated as an ornamental. However, it is a smaller shrub like H. calycinum (but without creeping rhizomes), its anthers are brick-red and stamens are at least half as long as the petals. It also is partly fertile (Robson 1985).

Selected literature:

Robson N.K.B. (1985) Studies in the genus Hypericum L. (Guttiferae), part 3. Bull. Brit. Mus. Nat. Hist. 12: 163-325.

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