The Lardizabalaceae family comprises seven genera and about 40 species in Asia (from the Himalayas further East) and South America (Chile) (Christenhusz 2012). Species of some genera are cultivated as ornamental shrubs or lianas, two of which have been recorded as escapes from cultivation in Belgium: Akebia and Decaisnea.

1       Liana, usually evergreen. Leaves palmately compound with 3-5 leaflets. Sepals 3(-4), usually dark-brownish purple. Fruit sausage-shaped, grey-violet or purplish, in axillary infructescences === Akebia

         Shrub or small tree, deciduous. Leaves pinnate with 13-25 leaflets. Sepals 6 (in two rows), greenish yellow. Fruit cylindrical, blue or yellow-green, in terminal infructescences === Decaisnea


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