Lemna minuta

Lemna minuta Humb., Bonpl. et Kunth (L. minima Philippi, L. minuscula Herter) (Am.) – An increasingly naturalised but still insufficiently known species. First recorded in 1983 (Lawalrée 1984) and at present probably rather widespread in Belgium but still much confused with native Lemna minor. Usually very competitive and locally forming dense, almost monospecific stands.

Lemna minuta is usually rather typical but individual fronds may be hardly separable from L. minor. As a rule, fronds are conspicuously longer than wide (elliptic) and always have a very distinct longitudinal ridge on the upper side.

A very similar species from the same section Uninerves, Lemna valdiviana Phil., was recently reliably recorded from Europe (Italy; see Iberite & al. 2011). It may have been largely overlooked. It is best characterised by its very asymetric, more or less sickle-shaped fronds that are at least twice as long as wide.

Lemna minuta, 2007, W. Van Landuyt.

Lemna minuta, Reninge, IJzerbroeken, ditch, August 2010, W. Vercruysse.

Lemna minuta

Lemna minuta mixed with Spirodela polyrrhiza


Lemna minuta, 2007, W. Van Landuyt.

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