Lemna turionifera

Lemna turionifera Landolt (N-Am., temp. As.) – First discovered in 2005 but certainly neglected before (Van Landuyt 2007, Hoste & Bruinsma 2007). At present known from numerous areas in Flanders as well as in Wallonia but still poorly known.

Lemna turionifera is readily separated from L. minor by the combination of purple pigmentation and the production of turions (although both can very rarely lack in L. turionifera or be present in L. minor – such individual fronds are probably indistinguishable).

Lemna turionifera is supposed to be native in North America and temperate Asia. The first European records were – like for Lemna minuta – believed to date back to the 1960’s (Wolff & Orschiedt 1993) but recently Scandinavian records from the second half of the 19th century came to light (Wolff & Bruinsma 2005) and native status in (at least part of) Europe cannot be excluded.

Lemna turionifera, 2007, W. Van Landuyt.Lemna turionifera, 2007, W. Van Landuyt.


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