Luzula nivea

Luzula nivea (L.) DC. (Eur.) – A very rare but increasing alien of uncertain provenance (but most likely a garden escape). First recorded in 2013 on the verge of a military training area in Hechtel-Eksel (a single plant, along with other locally unusual species like Geranium pyrenaicum, Origanum vulgare and Veronica teucrium). Perhaps most likely a garden throw-out (see also Stace 2010), although Luzula nivea apparently is rarely cultivated as an ornamental (species lacking, for instance, in Jäger & al. 2008). An introduction via military activities cannot be excluded either. In 2014 also seen in Geel where the species is found in woodland adjacent to some ponds. Since then recorded in Lubbeek and Brasschaat as well.

Luzula nivea is closely related to native L. luzuloides and both are readily intermixed. It is best distinguished by flower characters (longer, distinctly unequal tepals but shorter capsule as compared to the tepals).

Selected literature:

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