Lysichiton Schott

Lysichiton is a small genus of two species, one native in the New World, and a second in the Old World. Both are rather similar and readily hybridise when grown together. Hence, they are better accepted as subspecies of a single species. Both taxa are often cultivated and are increasingly escaping in recent times. The genus Lysichiton is a recent newcomer in the wild flora of Belgium and, up to present, known from very few localities.

There is some misunderstanding concerning the position of spathe and spadix in this genus. According to some authors the spadix is not enclosed by the spathe whereas according to others it is. In fact, the spathe encloses the very long stipe of the spadix, not the spadix itself.

  • Spathe 10-35 cm long, pure yellow. Flowers with an unpleasant smell. Anthers 0,9-2 mm long. Anthesis usually in April-May === Lysichiton americanus
  • Spathe 8-12 cm long, pure white. Flowers scentless. Anthers 0,6-0,8 mm long. Anthesis usually in May-June === L. camtschatcensis

Lysichiton_flower       Lysichiton_habitus  


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