Malcolmia R. Brown
(excl. Strigosella Boiss.)

The generic boundaries of Malcolmia dramatically changed in recent years, mostly as a result of molecular phylogenetic studies. It has always been rather heterogeneous and its limits controversial. In its new circumscription it is restricted to the eastern Mediterranean area, especially the Balkan Peninsula and Aegean Islands, and only counts six species (Al-Shehbaz & al. 2014). It once accommodated more than 30 species and these were transferred to segregate genera like Maresia and Strigosella. The latter by far counts most members of ex-Malcolmia.
Some species of Malcolmia are economically important, mostly as ornamentals in gardens (Akeroyd 1995). M. maritima doubtlessly is the most notable species; it is regularly recorded as alien in Belgium.


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