Mazus Lour.

As currently understood, Mazus is a genus with ca. 20-35 species in eastern Asia, New Zealand and Australia (Mabberley 2008). It is most diverse in China where most of the species occur (Hong & al. 1998). Several species are economically important: five stoloniferous perennials are cultivated as carpeting ornamentals in Europe (Mill 2000; Jäger & al. 2008). Out of these, at least M. miquelii Makino and M. reptans N.E. Brown have been recorded as a escapes in Europe. Pringle (2018) pointed out that plants sometimes called M. reptans should be included in M. miquelii. An additional species, the annual Mazus pumilus (Burm.f.) Steenis, is a common weed throughout the (sub-) tropics and has been recorded in Belgium as well.

1 Annual, stolons absent. Corolla 7-9 mm === Mazus pumilus

1 Stoloniferous perennial. Corolla 13-22 mm === M. reptans


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