Muehlenbeckia Meissn.

Muehlenbeckia is a genus with 23 species, predominantly distributed in New Guinea and Australia with some additional species in New Zealand, Central and South America (Mabberley 2008). The morphologically quite different monotypic genus Homalocladium (F. Muell.) L.H. Bailey is often included in it but both are genetically distinct (Galasso & al. 2009).
Several species of Muehlenbeckia are grown as ornamentals. Akeroyd (1989) cites seven species for Europe but only one or two are more or less widespread in cultivation: M. axillaris (J.D. Hooker) Walpers and M. complexa (A. Cunn.) Meissn. The latter has been recorded as an escape in Belgium. Yet another species, M. hastulata (Smith) I.M. Johnston, is also grown for ornament and has been recorded in North America as an escape (Freeman 2005).


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