Phalaris canariensis

4. Phalaris canariensis L. (syn.: P. ovatus Moench) (Medit.) – A common and characteristic birdseed component (Canary Grass). Known at least since 1847 as an alien in Belgium (Verloove 2006) and still frequently seen on dumps, by roadsides and railway tracks, unloading quays, in port- and urban areas, etc. Sometimes very abundant but always strictly ephemeral in Belgium.

Some records possibly represent superficially similar species like Phalaris brachystachys and, to a lesser extent, P. minor.

Herbarium specimen

Phalaris canariensis, Brugge (Pathoekeweg), industrial area, September 2008, E. Molenaar.

Phalaris canariensis, inflorescence - Drawing S.Bellanger               Phalaris canariensis, spikelet & lemma - Drawing S.Bellanger

Selected literature:

Verloove F. (2006) Catalogue of neophytes in Belgium. Scripta Botanica Belgica 39: 89 p.

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