Phleum L.

Phleum is a small genus of ca. 15 species, mostly native to Eurasia. Four species are native in Belgium as well: Phleum arenarium L., P. nodosum L., P. phleoides (L.) Karst. and P. pratense L. (Lambinon & al. 2004). Some species are important forage grasses, especially Phleum pratense (Mabberley 2008).

1. Perennial grasses (native) === Phleum nodosum, P. phleoides and P. pratense

1. Annual grasses, easily uprooted === 2

2. Glumes herbaceous, long ciliate on the keel. Spikelets large, more than 3 mm long === 3

2. Glumes coriaceous or more or less herbaceous, not ciliate on the keel, scabrous. Spikelets small, less than 2,5 mm long === 4

3. Anthers small, usually less than 1 mm long. Glumes acute-mucronate (native) === P. arenarium

3. Anthers larger, usually over 1,5 mm long. Glumes long acuminate and shortly awned === Phleum exaratum

4. Glumes truncate and swollen at apex, abruptly contracted in a short mucro, coriaceous. Spikelets more or less cordate in outline === P. paniculatum

4. Glumes gradually tapered to apex, more or less herbaceous. Spikelets elliptic in outline === P. subulatum

Additional aliens: Phleum echinatum Host (Medit., wool alien) and P. hirsutum Honck. (syn.: P. michelii All.) (Eur., vector unknown).



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