Rorippa Scop.

Rorippa, as currently understood (excl. Nasturtium R. Brown), comprises ca. 85 species and is subcosmopolitan. Three species are more or less widespread natives in Belgium: Rorippa amphibia (L.) Besser, R. palustris (L.) Besser and R. sylvestris (L.) Besser. Hybridization frequently occurs where two or more taxa grow together. In Belgium hybrids have rarely been reported and, so far, only Rorippa xanceps (Wahlenb.) Reichenb. (R. amphibia x R. sylvestris) is involved.

In the past decades Nasturtium (with only native members in Belgium) was often included in Rorippa but molecular phylogenetic research proved that it should be maintained as a separate genus (Al Shehbaz & Price 1998). It is, in fact, more closely related to Cardamine than it is to Rorippa.

1. Petals as long as sepals. Annual or short-lived perennial (native) === Rorippa palustris

1. Petals obviously longer than sepals. Perennials === 2

2. Upper stem leaves not clasping stem, without auricles (native) === R. amphibia and R. sylvestris

2. Upper stem leaves clasping stem, auriculate at base === 3

3. Leaves toothed but not lobed. Fruit (excl. style) hardly longer than wide === R. austriaca

3. Leaves strongly lobed. Fruit (excl. style) evidently longer than wide === R. x armoracioides

Additional alien: Rorippa stylosa (Pers.) Mansf. et Rothm. (syn.: R. pyrenaica auct. non (All.) Reichenb. (C and S-Eur., wool,… alien).



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