Rumex stenophyllus

12. Rumex stenophyllus Ledeb. (syn.: R. odontocarpus Sándor ex Borb.) (E-Eur., temp. As.) – A regular alien, known at least since 1904 but long overlooked due to confusion with R. xpratensis (Verloove 2008). Formerly recorded as an ephemeral wool alien in the Vesdre valley. In the past decades increasingly found, especially near grain storages in port areas. Locally obviously naturalised, for instance in the ports of Gent (numerous places) and Antwerpen (Amerikadok, Kattendijkdok). Usually found in road verges, near unloading quays or on dumps, often in abundance. Occasionally also recorded without obvious link with cereals, for instance in a clay pit in Marke (2009), in a worked-up road verge in Lauwe (2009), sandraised site in Zeebrugge (2012), etc. In 2011 also repeatedly seen on the gravelly banks of river Maas in Dilsen-Stokkem. Also known in relative abundance by a roadside in Drongen (Drongensesteenweg) since several years. Rumex stenophyllus is still poorly known and doubtlessly overlooked elsewhere in Belgium (Verloove 2013).

An enumeration of all Belgian records and distinguishing features for Rumex stenophyllus and R. xpratensis are provided by Verloove (2008, 2013).

Rumex stenophyllus, Merksem, Albertkanaal, unloading quay for cereals, August 2009, E. Molenaar.

Rumex stenophyllus, Port of Antwerpen, Amerikadok, unloading quay for cereals, September 2007, R. Barendse.

Rumex stenophyllus, Port of Antwerpen, unloading quay for cereals at Kattendijkdok, June 2009, F. Verloove.

Rumex stenophyllus, Port of Gent, Singel, roadside, May 2011, F. Verloove

Rumex stenophyllus, valve Rumex stenophyllus, valve, top view
Rumex x pratensis, valves
Rumex x pratensis, valve, top view

Herbarium specimen

Selected literature:

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