Scabiosa L. (incl. Sixalix Raf.)

In its current circumscription Scabiosa is an Old World genus with ca. 70 species. It is most diverse in Eurasia and the Mediterranean area, with some additional species in mountain regions in Africa. A single variable species is native in Belgium, S. columbaria L. (Lambinon & Verloove 2012). It includes subsp. pratensis (Jord.) Br.-Bl. (syn.: S. pratensis Jord.)
As a result of molecular studies the generic boundaries of Scabiosa have changed in the past decades. Lomelosia (incl. Pycnocomon) is now segregated (De Castro & Caputo 1997-1998, Caputo & al. 2004, Avino & al. 2009). Scabiosa s.str. differs from Lomelosia in involucel characters: the tube of the involucel has eight longitudinal grooves, whereas in Lomelosia there are eight apical pits.
Numerous species of Scabiosa are grown as ornamentals in Europe. Useful accounts are presented by Matthews (2000) and Jäger & al. (2008). Several of these have been recorded as escapes from cultivation. Records of S. columbaria from artificial habitats may include similar cryptic taxa. The identity of such plants should be critically re-assessed.

1. Corolla cream to yellow === Scabiosa ochroleuca

1. Corolla lilac blue to purple === 2

2. Head much elongating in fruit. Annual or biennial. Corona with 8 veins === S. atropurpurea

2. Head not elongating in fruit. Biennial or perennial. Corona with 16-24 veins (native) === S. columbaria


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