Tiarella L.

As currently circumscribed Tiarella is a genus with three species. Two are native to North America (T. cordifolia L. and T. trifoliata L.; Jog 2009), one to Asia (T. polyphylla D. Don; Pan & Soltis 2001). Previous treatments, including those refering to the genus in cultivation, usually applied a narrower species concept. Miller (1995) and Jäger & al. (2008), for instance, accepted six species that are cultivated as ornamentals. In addition to those currently accepted: T. wherryi Lakela, T. unifoliolata Hook. and T. laciniata Hook. All are now subsumed under T. cordifolia and T. trifoliata, either as mere synonyms or at a lower taxonomic rank (variety).
The most widespread species in cultivation probably is Tiarella cordifolia. It has been recorded as an escape in Belgium.


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