Urochloa platyphylla

3. Urochloa platyphylla (Munro ex Wright) R. Webster [syn.: Brachiaria platyphylla (Munro ex Wright) Nash, B. extensa Chase, Panicum platyphyllum Munro ex Wright] (Am.) – A regular but always ephemeral grain alien, primarily introduced with soybeans (sometimes also with birdseed). First seen in 1992 in the port areas of Gent (Rodenhuizedok) and Roeselare (Verloove & Vandenberghe 1993). By now seen most years (by far the least rare of the genus in Belgium) but in very few places. Urochloa platyphylla mostly occurs in the ports of Antwerpen, Gent and Roeselare, occasionally elsewhere (for instance in Deinze, Izegem,…). Always associated with grain importation and/or transportation. As such found near granaries, unloading quays, grain conveyors, along motorways or by railway tracks, more rarely also on wasteland or on dumps.

The weedy and very similar Urochloa subquadripara (Trin.) R. Webster might have been overlooked (see Hatch 2010) and should be looked for.

Herbarium specimen

Urochloa platyphylla, inflorescence - Drawing S.Bellanger Urochloa platyphylla, lemma - Drawing S.Bellanger


Selected literature:

Hatch S.L. (2010) Urochloa subquadripara (Poaceae: Paniceae) new to Texas and a key to Urochloa of Texas. Phytoneuron 2010-8: 1-4.

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