Viburnum tinus

Viburnum tinus L. (Medit.) – An exceptional escape from cultivation. A single, bird-sown specimen was recorded on a cemetery in Gent in 2007. In 2010 furthermore observed, again in Gent, on an old brick wall adjoining a railway track (a single young plant). In 2012 recorded (a single plant, ca. 100 cm tall) in coastal scrub in De Panne and in 2013 in the dunes of Witte Burg in Oostduinkerke. Perhaps overlooked elsewhere and seemingly increasing lately.

Viburnum tinus is rather frequently cultivated as an ornamental in Belgium although it might be not fully hardy in the colder parts of the country (it is surprisingly omitted by De Koning & al. 2000). In southern England it is fully naturalized, for instance on cliffs (Stace 2010a). As a result of climate change it might become a more regular escape in a near future in Belgium.

According to Walther (1999) it is a typical example of an evergreen species that is recently increasing as a result of climate change (laurophyllisation).


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