Vitaceae is a pantropical family of 16 genera (Wen & al. 2018). None of the genera is native in Belgium but at least three are more or less frequently cultivated, either as ornamental climbers or for grapes or wine. Several representatives of these genera have been recorded in the wild in Belgium, as escapes from cultivation.

1. Petals united, falling as a whole at flowering. Leaves always simple, tendrils never with adhesive discs === Vitis

1. Petals free, persisting. Leaves palmately divided (5-7 foliolate) or simple. Adhesive discs present or absent  === 2

2. Tendrils 2-branched, adhesive discs absent. Styles elongate, cylindric. Leaves always simple === Ampelopsis

2. Tendrils with 3-12 branches, with or without conspicuous adhesive discs. Styles short, conic. Leaves palmately compound or simple === Parthenocissus

The most recent generic account of the family is presented by Wen (2007). It also contains numerous additional useful references. Wen & al. (2018) published an up-to-date molecular phylogeny of the entire family.


Wen J. (2007) Vitaceae. In: Kubitzki K. (ed.), The families and genera of vascular plants, vol. 9: 466–478. Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Germany.

Wen J., Lu L., Nie Z., Liu X., Zhang N., Ickert‐Bond S., Gerrath J., Manchester S.R., Boggan J. & Chen Z. (2018) A new phylogenetic tribal classification of the grape family (Vitaceae). Journal of Sytematics Evolution 56: 262-272. [available online at:]

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