Wolffia columbiana

Wolffia columbiana Karsten (Am.) – A very rare but probably overlooked alien. Discovered in a pond in nature reserve Stamprooierbroek in Kinrooi in 2017 (Hendrickx & Verloove 2019). In 2018 also found in Uitkerkse Polder and in Keerbergen (comm. D. De Beer).
This species much resembles native W. arrhiza but its fronds are paler, mostly translucent and with much less stomata. Fronds lie almost on the water, rather than being submersed.
W. columbiana is known in Europe from Germany, the Netherlands and Italy (Achterkamp & Soes 2014, Schmitz & al. 2014, Ardenghi & al. 2017) but it is probably widely overlooked elsewhere.

Selected literature:

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